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I don dey live like say I no care
But I can’t seem to hold this in anymore
It’s high time I bring this out to the flare
I swear down, I can’t help it anymore, I have to deplore
Gone are the days when guys used to be real brothers
Dey call ourselves “bro”, when it’s all a lie
You say I be your brother but inside you want me to smother
I be your brother but you wan make I die

How I take be your brother when you dey over fed
But I am fed by and with hunger
You dey chop chicken and wine, I dey chop water and bread
You still dey complain say I be dunker
You dey live for estate where AC dey blow
I dey boys’ quarters where dry breeze dey blow
Light dey your house, everywhere dey glow
Low current for my side don make my charger first me blow

You dey call me your guy, your guy
But my account dey red

Common food I no fit buy
But every night you go dey club dey shayo till your eyes red
You dey tell me say I be your man… Say I be your fam
But on how you run small favour for me
You go post am for Instagram
Charlie na so this brotherhood dey be?

Brother, you talk say the hustle no dey pay
But you dey always cash out
Me I just wan make you show me the way
I don tire to dey follow you dey go collect one bottle of stout
How you dey feel say life dey cut me like scissors?
I dey use leg dey waka but Benz wet dey your garage na seven
Brother, why you dey act like assistant Jesus
When you never sure say you go make heaven?

Brother, I know say I dey depend on you o
I just dey tell you say make we dey help one another
You see this life, you no fit live am only you o
So if you call me your brother, make I really really be your brother
I fit no get today, I fit dey borrow
But one day, I go dey alright
Person wey you help today fit help you tomorrow
You just need to live right

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