The Poisonous Ivy in Flattery

On my oblong and rickety desk,
Lay my musty notebooks,
Reeking of dust and withered hopes
“Boy, boy, you gon’ be somebody, someday
I ain’t sure you gon’ be proud ‘f that somebody,”
Mama would preach till her spittle would clog her pipes

I’d often steal away from the trapdoor,
Run into the arms of Mr. Sugar Coatline.
His words would too often caress my voluptuous apathy,
And smother my inclination towards diligence.

Oh! The joy that engulfs my foolish soul
Whenever I hear the cadence of Mr Sugar’s brogues.
My ears dances like the Egwebe lake as the
Fresh Afono breeze strokes its slippery hair.

But just as the early morning dew calmly
Moistens the Ogede leaves in De Udoka’s
Compound until it breaks, so did Mr. Sugar’s words
Squelch every atom of discipline in me
‘Til I broke.


Egwebe Lake: A lake in Eastern Nigeria.
Afono: A village in Abia state.
Ogede: Banana

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