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The Masquerader

Stay away from me, you traitor!
You evil man and betrayer.
Do not come close to me,
Your presence disgusts me,
I feel like I want to puke my guts out.

You still had the effrontery
and audacity
To leave a letter telling me that you love me.
Are you for real?
I thought we had something beautiful.
I imagined a wonderfully crafted love story between us.

I was so naive.
The signs were there
I should have paid close attention
You vowed even on your mother’s grave
That you wouldn’t hurt me.
Oh may her soul rest in perfect peace.

I… I… I… I…
How could you?
How dare you subject me to this humiliation?
Where are you?
Come out, come out,
Rise from your grave!

Oh God! No, no, no…
Why didn’t you confide in me my love?
Why did you act like a masquerader?
Why didn’t you tell me your pains and distress?

Now you allowed the strings of suicide
to lure you.
Now I’m all alone.
People are watching me… as if
I have grown four heads.
This shit really hurts.

I can’t live without you.
I will follow you.
So hold on my love.
I will join you.

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