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See, I Did Something Wrong! (IV)

I impregnated her,
That part is true.
She was just turned sixteen,
This isn’t news.
She was so young.
She was so pretty.
A decade between
Never deterred.
At five; our first kiss,
At ten; fondled her breasts,
At fifteen; we had sex.
Till she got pregnant.
It was always rosy
Never scared,
Always bubbly.
Now she cries with ev’ry second
Never a day without a frown,
I feel her fear
I know her anguish,
I’m scared for her
I’m scared for me
I’m scared for us
She can’t abort
We want our baby
The world does not.
However, nothing,
Nothing can change my love for her
Nothing can can prove me wrong,
But maybe, just maybe
The world will tell me to say
See, I did something wrong.

I forgot to mention she’s my youngest sister.

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