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It seems like we’re stuck in a never ending tale with no clues of how we’re going to make past this nightmare. Who knew one day we would be restricted from moving around, partying would just be a dream one would wish to realize and talking a walk would just be a longing one longs for?

Maybe this is a shot life has wanted to shoot for a long time and finally it has. We should take this time to look life from a different perspective, but we’re too dumb to realize. We’re stuck in our rooms thinking of how we’re going to make out, have fun and make jokes of how we’re going to tell our children tales of how life was during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Recent studies have shown taking a walk boosts creative inspiration. We’re out of inspiration with the ongoing hullabaloo of nikikupea utawezana. Now no one is running out of time expect our heroes— medical staffs who are risking their lives saving lives. What if we use this time and create awareness instead of engaging in endless challenges?

If we do come out of these unending tale, I would tell nothing but how she made me feel. It’s funny how life is, love is involved everywhere.

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