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No Think Am

My pipo, how market?
I know say e no easy,
but no time wen e easy.
If you no sell today,
tomoro still dey.

E don tay wey we countri don kpafuka,
no bi today we begin see yamayama.
Som pipo neva chop kpatakpata,
som wey chop no get drinking wata.

Evribodi just dey survive
even Dangote neva arrive.
So mek life easy for Adamu
no think am to treat am like mumu.

If e go well for you today,
na twale
If e go well for us tomoro,
na dobale.
Help mek betta thin dey go round
becos wetin dey go around dey com around.

No think am sey if evribodi kpai
dis life go still dey like khai-khai.
If we no dey, dem no dey, you no dey
how you wan tek know say na like dis we go de dey.

Life no be report card
So no com dey form hard
becos say na you com first.
Tek am jeje and leave de rest,
pesin wey don kpai no dey sempe for kpai.

Oya mek we com togeda
and suport one anoda.
No more mago-mago.
No more “you be arago”.
No more “you be sabo”.

Mek we stay tight like pant for waist,
na de only way wey we fit work best.
No leave your broda for inside well
becos say him no well.

Wen evritin go gel again
na all of us go follow gain.
So see oda pipo pain as your pain,
and betta go reach evribodi dormot like rain.

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