Love, Oh Love!

Who feels this season with me?
We all claim to have experienced love
What did I notice?
I noticed it’s more of heartbreak, pains and loneliness
Love, oh Love!

What a pain you’ve become
Captivating the young hearts of our youths,
Making us give up on you
Whereas you’re meant to be a pillar that we lean on and face the challenges of life
Love, oh Love!

What more do you have to offer?
Pain that takes time to heal
Memories that can’t be wiped away
Loneliness that can’t be filled
Heartbreak that can’t be repaired
Love, oh Love!

People don’t value you anymore
You’re compared to meager things
Things that don’t cause much pain as love
Love, oh Love!

We dance in sorrows
We laugh in pains
We sleep in darkness
To forget the past
To try to move on
To never love again
Love, oh Love!

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