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Sprawling dispelled; legs drawn crispy,

Holding a peaceful snore pants,
And suddenly an evil breath sneaked in a to rouse me.
Eyes shut tight in blood-curdling dark walls

As I saw, laying fecklessly, windy hands stretched
Knocking in aghast and apprehensive wave foot
Of the wall by the bedside I lay shrunken as rain coated
Shrubs clinging on deaths boat.

The darkness thickens with my voice grew helpless and unheard
As it grows with confident boobs of terror

Like a sick child orchestrated in charnel altar of the dead
Hairs raising, and death lifting its odor.

Demonic silence fell on the ears of the room I lay
And I became a child chained in cemetery at moonless day.

And my breaths stop disquietingly as dead
Figures crouches behind in hosted talons
Head swelling, eyes shut tight as they display to blister in an unsteady creeps

All alone left to eke with unseen and unknown spirits
Fears approaching deaths gate, eyes cursed to wake a wink’s pry
Screams shut behind my ear doors unheard, spits
Pad, legs lunged in gory head tie,
like that of a woman tied to deafen her ears
A shadow held my legs tight in monstrous fingers.
Fighting in the wave of her hands
unlike a living touch but was held tight
I cuddle in kindled misery shouting, fighting in lost
Voice, in a colorless bed and room then
many half rotten hands crawling in faceless scene
Calling lurid names and hissing tone
In rattling buzzes the ceiling outpours
moth filled dead heads with horrible odors
And in my terrified finger a ghoul fell anon
And my eyes jolted awake and there was light
Exhumes! Uncanny night fight.

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