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My Little City: Valentina; Choices

Yes I was doing as I had been told, I had not always been Valentina, there was a time I wasn’t even bold.

It was my dear aunt’s only wish, that those three boys be looked after, that they may not fall into the terrible school of fish.

I had enough power to do it, but it wasn’t an easy decision, a leader on this turf, should show no signs of weakness for it could prove an easy incision.

But I did what I had promised, Helen was the only mother I knew and for her alone I could have carried a mountain, but instead she put under my care, baby fountains.

Now they were all grown up, surprisingly it hadn’t been so bad, they had lived on and were now sturdy and strong.

But I still had a decision to make, come a new day, it became clearer what I had to do, I could no longer hide it behind pun, I had to tell him everything, there was no longer any time for fun

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