The moon and the sun both takes turn to say hello to the world,

The angel of death knocks at our doors without warning or invitation, whisking away whomever he wills,

Adam and Eve are considered the Genesis of the human race…

Science said ,”The big bang theory resulted into what we have now (Earth)”

God created the world in 7 days,

Nature gave rise to everything,

Water is the source of life,

These are what my two ears have been listening to from different angles.

“The first time, you traveled so fast, competing with other millions of your kind to hit the egg in your mother’s womb, that’s your first journey to life.”

The beat of your heart and the cosmic force both intertwined during your stay on earth.

With religion, culture and societal norms, your journey continues,

Imprisoned by your own conscience, and the guilt of your ancestors.

Living your whole life as a chained being to what you don’t even know.

Your whole existence is guided and ruled by your fellow being who claims superiority.

You wish you’ll be free as the birds in the sky or even more like the wind.

Your fake definition of life is dancing to the rhythm of your regrets,

How you wish you’ll live by your own terms and rules.

After all, just like any other thing, you’ll cease to exist,

The journey of life is one hell of a ride,

Some don’t even start their engine and they’re gone,

While others perish midway,

If only we know the journey of life, we wouldn’t have been desperate,

Live, live, live and perish like that blossoming flower you’ve admired once.

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