Grateful Heart

As the cock crows revealing the dawn.
My heart with joy overflows.
On my head is bestowed a new crown.
The oil of greatness on me it flows.

To you my maker I return all worship.
Thy faithfulness limitless it has been.
Come pm let’s gather in fellowship,
Praising him for wonders of my being.

Though I have wallowed in iniquity.
His favour has remained boundless.
For all these I pondered in tranquillity.
Oh my adoration remains endless.

An immeasurable salute to my family.
A unique set of angels from creation.
Preaching my success like a homily.
Greatness I pledge beyond expectation.

Unforgettable you are beloved buddies.
Your advocacy you’ve proven strongly.
My benedictions all for you my hubbies.
To the promised land we match firmly.

Oh today God’s love I celebrate.
Your benevolence, oh Lord, I implore.
That your love I will always celebrate.
Your treasuries shall I continue to explore.

Oh Lord, make my life a testimony.
Make me a showroom of your miracles.
Let me not devalue like money.
But help me transcend to the pinnacles.

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