Bring It On

Spiritually I’m hurt,
this feeling is killing me
the way you lick your lips.
Shows me what I’m missing.
Oh babe, I’m craving,
is it a question if you need me?

I work unto you, bring it on
I swear I need you
you’re full of gold.
Make me a rich man
Babe, bring it on
if you don’t, I can die. Bring it on,
my feelings can’t erode.
Bring it on.

Babe, the more you run,
the more you break me, bring it on.
Make me complete
like the moon
on twenty-third November.
Mama, now say you love me,
bring it on.
Talk to me, please.
The way you dance,
shows you need a partner
I’m free, bring it on.
Let me adventure with you.

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