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The Water Mammy


Obi was a bachelor, a die-hard bachelor whose only love evolved around nothing but girls, girls and more girls. Girls of all shapes and sizes appealed to him, he wasn’t choosy as long as she was a lady and she was willing, he would have her. He was a randy bachelor who kept scores the way a girl kept scores on her menstrual cycle.

His popular phrase: “I want to eat your work in the eyes of carton” somehow always worked for him every time. He was not cute by any standard, but he was fresh and he was heavily built with full beards which drew the ladies to him like bees to honey. Since his weakness was girls, he never bothered to resist them. His personal philosophy was why have one when you can have all.

It was then he met Veronica.


They say the day you are about to die you would know it with a certainty. Your life would flash before your eyes and you would regret some decisions you made and the things you weren’t able to do, but Obi’s day of actual death never came; he had been dead the moment he set his eyes on Veronica. All that remained was the incarceration.


You see Veronica was not like any girl Obi had ever dated. She was dark-skinned. She had the kind of ebony complexion that shone like polished coal; she was also blessed with abundant curves and even had space for more. Whenever she walked, her hips and butt shook with the ferocity of a storm building and kept all the men drooling over her like lost puppies.

She had eyes for no one except for Obi. The other guys thought Obi was a lucky bastard who had always had the lucky fortune of girls. There was no guy in the neighborhood who did not yearn to taste of Veronica’s cooking pot but Veronica made it clear: Obi was the prize.


And the prize he was for word had reached the ears of the water mammies about Obi’s prowess and skill in acquiring different women and disposing them just as well, and they thought he would be a good addition to the collection of their love slaves here in their kingdom. And so Veronica was sent with the blessings of the Queen of the Coast to poor and unsuspecting Obi who fell so easily.


The day he was to die, he was smiling like a fool. Veronica had just taken him on a journey to paradise with the two rounds of steamy hot sex they just had. At that point he was ready to follow her to hell if that was where she belonged. Veronica gave a quiet chuckle in her mind. Men, they were all the same, give them a little action or two and they became moulds in your hands.


She led him gently to the river side, smiling all the way. Obi was smiling too, he had been hypnotized and so all he could see was Veronica. She drew him gently after her as they went into the river till the water submerged them and took him to their kingdom for a proper welcome fit for a slave.


Ikenna, Obi’s friend knocked on Obi’s door. It’s been three days since he saw Obi last and it was unlike Obi. Nobody answered him so he pushed his way in and searched the house, the house was empty as it had been for days bearing only a note written in Veronica’s girlish handwriting.

“Don’t try to find us or I’ll come back for you too!”

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