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Love the Real Me

Tears on my face, what went wrong?
I did what you asked me
No make-up, no nude lipstick,
Then why were you stunned?
It’s not my fault though

I thought you loved me for who I am,
Did you admire the artificial me?
My head hurts, my legs tremble,
All you ever did was to shower me with fake love
You’re not at fault though

It was theirs, their rants,
“Put some make-up girl,” I hear it every day,
“Don’t you wanna look cute?” That’s my daily anthem,
Look beyond my face, I’ve got good personalities,
Will you ignore the pimples romping on my face?

Do you want to call it off?
Someone got to come clean right now,
I’m done with all these, I want my natural face,
It’s so sad that you fell for the artificial face,

“Be a brave girl!” I’ll always tell myself,
Someone will love you for who you are,
And it anguishes me you aren’t the person.

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