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Her Tedious Shift

With surgical gloves on her hands, she placed a magnifying glass hanging slightly off the pile of books. Right under the glare of the sun from the window. She scattered some papers in an organised chaos over the table made of wood, strategically placing random clothes on the chair, one on the table and around the table legs.

It was time. With barely suppressed joy, she stroke a match to the papers. Snuffing the matchstick, she placed it back in the match box and into her pocket.

With fascination she watched as it caught and spread, red and blue flames dancing in a seductive way. She couldn’t hide the pure joy on her face, she created this. This beautiful disaster. It was an intoxicating feeling.

She giggled as her eyes sparkled with child-like wonder. She wanted to step forward and embrace her creation.

But before she fell into a trance it was best she leave before she was discovered.

She took one longing glance back as she re-locked the door and sneaked out the way she had come in.

She was never there. Everyone knew the meek nurse was taking a nap from her tedious shift.

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