Hello Tomorrow

I have a question
For you:
Why are you pregnant
And refuse to give birth?

Everything about you is unknown.
We weep today for tomorrow,
While the world is still a love-hate.
We plan the future
But live in division.

Trees sing us praises
From their leaves,
But the stems house hostility.

Hello tomorrow
What will be of me,
When I know not?
What u will beget?

You are a lost sheep
Whose location is unknown.
I am a bat
Looking for my place.

Hello tomorrow
Why are you good to some
And bad to others?
Where is your strength,
That you know my destiny?

My tomorrow is unknown
To me,
But known to tomorrow.
I suffer to live,
Though I never lived.

Before I hang up
Don’t forget to be good,
See you tomorrow.

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