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Even In Death

The battle was over. He was dead. Screw the earthquake, Big Guy above always liked showing off, this was one of those days.

Deather Lucano was at one corner taking a smoke. He was tonight’s hero, he took the earth’s hero!

We owed him.

A few hot third class female demons from the fifth wing for the next two weeks, and he’ll be in paradise. Humor intended.

We had a party. I was the happiest. Father understood why.

You see, the only way to kill a demon was to burn them, or drown them. That’s why Father made sure we never went near the flames. We stayed around it instead.

But this man, this man sent my brothers into pigs and sent them into the water. We watched helplessly as they drowned.

Mother was never the same after that. She sits at the end of the cell at the 7th wing and cries.

Today, she wasn’t crying. She made us a meal of human ears, we loved them. While we ate, she and father sang, and Lord they sang amazingly!

The next morning, we were clearing the party table when a loud noise and bright lights disrupted us.

What the hell was that? Pun intended.

One sword slash has Genome my twin sister cut in half. I screamed and ran to the other end of the wall, then he walked in.

Motherfucker should be up there with his proud dad after he died, but here he was. In this place.

He went to the fifth wing, slashing through our guards as he went.

He disturbed Lucano’s orgy, pulled him with him, opened the pit we called Abyssus, and threw him in there. Locked the pit, and took the key away.

And in an ever so tender voice he said “You stay here until my father permits you.”

He walked away, winked at me and disappeared with the sound and light he came with.

It was pitch dark. It took me a while to realise that I had gone blind.

Damn you, Jesua! Even in death, you still won.

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