Dear Quarantine

Dear Quarantine,
You came and taught us the don’ts of an occupied time,
Time we moved from up to down in search of a dime.

Whilst you approached the idea of social distancing wasn’t even a recognized word,
You placed it as a pinned tweet made by a demi-god.

When you came, you twisted our daily movements to be a crime.
Only allowed us to moved from that to this,
You gave us the liberty of letting our dreams come through
That of Lagos to London within two weeks
You made it all happen in our phones In less than two minutes.
We actively traveled all round the states of this country “Social Media”
From Instagram to WhatsApp down to Facebook not to forget where the real lives of our people exist “Twitter”.

We moved
We subscribed
We spent

We let the tiny active spirit left in us to be awakened,
Ogbeni matured guy:
We all engaged in games
We shared memes
Funny moments
From the comfort of our bed.

Dear Quarantine,
If there’s one thing I am grateful for,
It’s for the time you gave me to communicate with my soul.

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