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Dear Daliah

Dear Daliah,
I feel my world crumble many times
Every attempt trying to hold it together failing
Every part of me taking turns to totally self-destruct
Blowing up fiercely like a tornado in full rage
Burning and melting and incinerating
Like extremely dry forest floors.
Love and life and love and life
Slipping gradually from my fingers

Dear Daliah,
I could still hear myself calling out to you
Every scene replaying in my head a thousand times
Asking you questions you threw back at my face
Saying no goodbyes, at least none I could hear
Leaving me whimpering and shivering like a stray dog with no shelter

Dear Daliah,
I write to you from my grave
Not dead, but not living
With a soul that’s totally empty
Surrounded by walls like shadows
I see them now, and they’re gone the next minute
Flashing and fading, leaving and coming
Left with the question of why you left
What I could have done to be dumped
Having less worth than a trash left to burn

Dear Daliah,
On this night, like every other nights
I’m still here, just where you left me and worse
Holding myself together like I’d scatter otherwise
Caring to scream, but sealing my lips
Feeling pains but making them numb
Still hoping on your return
On this cold deathly alley

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