4 Loaves πŸ₯ͺ For The Lockdown

I want to say this to our ears
For us to pass it to our heirs.
For our ears have turned deaf,
As those words mean no def.

The heroes of yesterday
Are cowards of today
How will morrow’s leaders
Won’t call the bull a sister
All in the name of beef?

Covid-19 planned a coup on our leaders
The air has blown out
The ass of the chicken they lead
They sit at home, no vacation,
As coronation is all over the nations.

Teachers are hungry
Hustlers are angry
Yet, a speaker is happy
As he shares four loaves per building,
All in the name of lockdown.

Craziness doesn’t have immunity
A. V Dicey has given them much security,
We’re now equal in hands of a virus
Yet, they’re still looking for a way to defy us.

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