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The Walking Dead

Her bandaged hands and legs, a remnant of story untold. She learnt her lesson the hard way; needless to say how she visited the land of the dead few day ago.

She tiptoed, hoping he won’t hear her walking towards the exit. 10 steps, 9 steps… 3 steps left to gain her freedom.

A heavy object hit her hard as she could bet a bone must have been broken out of the unbroken ones.
She was a mess, a living mess.

He dragged her by the legs while she choked up in tears, as usual. He watched her, savouring the pain he inflict on her, as iconic grin masked his face.

He was proud of how far and deep he could control her while she gritted her teeth in pains.

She stood on the bare floor for days while watching her enemy dying of boredom. He couldn’t lay his fingers on her, because the game isn’t for those doing nothing. She stood still, mastering his art, his ways and his game.

Now she knows!

She knew her anger should be masked with love, coated with dedication. She knew she was at fault for being treated that way. Maybe he loves her so much and couldn’t stop loving her. She was ready to reciprocate her love for him in ways that would make him cry.

She stood up to him, arranged things that mattered to him, ready to explore the building of love. Her favorite quote became: “If I perish, I perish.”

It was a twisted game as she watched him cry his eyes out in love, praising her name with fear and dancing to her tune with humility.

Though, he flogged her once in a while, she knew she had the upper hand, and leaving the house was not a choice.

Note: What is that thing you love so much that causes you so much pain? Be it a sport, but you are always on the receiving end of injury. Be it knowledge, but you are flogged with academic failure. Be it humanity, but slapped with cruelty. You must definitely be flogged; be ready to receive pain.

But what you do with the pain is the one that matters. Are you going to re-strategize and stand or you are going to leave the building of what you love?

Stand up to that pain, increase your love and let pain cry to ever near you.
If I perish, I perish.

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