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Our reunion took place in a shopping mall. It has been long since you and I last saw.

You invited me for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I wanted to ask you if your brother was still single, memories of our relationship was still fresh in my mind.

I missed Mark so dearly, and I would love a repeat of the ecstasy and sensation we shared before; maybe our connection could be reborn through you I thought.

At dinner we gossiped like old besties, catching up with the last six months we have been apart.

You said you were engaged, I was thrilled.

Since when I asked, and you said just two weeks ago.

It had only been six months I last saw you and you were single as of then, how come you were engaged? I thought.

That was fast, I concluded.

I asked you about Mike, your brother, wanting to know if he was still single.

You said no, but said nothing more. Your reluctance was obvious, I didn’t want to press you over what might be a sore topic.

Although I wondered why you were uncomfortable to talk about him.

We finished dinner. It was getting late. I decided it was time to leave. You said I should stay still, that there was a mosquito perched on my bare shoulder.

I found it strange that a mosquito was in a posh restaurant as the one we were in.

Strange things always happen, I concluded as I stilled.

You came to my side and squatted low.

You plunged a knife right through my stomach with a sick smile on your face.

All the signs you have been exhibiting tonight which I chose to ignore were highlighted.

“Mark is mine,” you growled. “I won’t share my brother and future husband with a lying scum like you.”

You plunged the knife deeper. I watched my reflection in your eyes as life drained out of me.

You watched with the ecstasy that came with murder. The thrill and satisfaction that a threat has been eliminated.

In hell or perhaps heaven, I heard you calling a waiter to clear the mess.

My mess.

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