Separated Walls

We no longer drink from a hallowed chalice
Our throats burns as dead bush visited
By gladdened fire of dry wind agitatedly
Mars seems to have become a glorious ditch indeed
Than the land clothed with infirmity

We no longer stake the signs of peace
A religion the wise cricket dispersed;
Of affection, labour, love and glorious pace
Tars are rearing its godlike heads in that vineyard
Labor seems lost in the lingering face of lots
No touch; we are imprisoned in separate walls

Glaring so scurrilous at strangely
Cultivated love garden of anxieties
Which gathers deadlines of seared leaves round us
In its fez a trench is dung in furry
Crossing every home with jacuzzi grimaces
As hunger stood coated virilely in soft gay beards
As a watch guard; winking in his hands
A bunch of keys who stares sternly at us, in void sentence:
“Why have thou abandoned us, God, my father?”… Ours is penitence.
Unchain thy leniency, let its walls wall us
And withdraw the banked trip to the womb of earth
Assuage the despair of drowned dry tears of this breed in dirt
So thy almond trees shall soil more fruits
In all gratifying the expanded wind of grace.

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