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See, I Did Something Wrong! (III)

I slashed his throat,
That part is true.
She described how,
She said it was for the best
As I took the knife,
As I held him down,
As I slit through his throat,
As I held his head high,
Watching him drown in his blood
Till he lost consciousness.
His eyes open, filled with sheer terror.
Facial expression, that of fear and confusion.
Hands, held up to defend himself.
She was happy,
As I awoke from my daze,
I was horrified,
I was broken,
I was scared,
I was…
However nothing,
Nothing could save me,
Nothing could exonerate me,
I had done the unthinkable
I had murdered him.
See I did something wrong,
Though I don’t remember doing it.

I forgot to mention I am his mother, and he is my two-year-old son.

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