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Niniola’s Plight

Reading Law in the prestigious University of Lagos was the same as battling with one’s ‘village people’. Before I got admitted, someone had sat me down to cook up ‘raw fear’. Lola. Lola, cooked them so much that I ate them raw.

“Niniola, you can’t make it reading Law, you’ll meet the beasts in 300 level. And you can’t even make a first class,” she had said. Her words suddenly became a ready-made regalia for me to put on. In other words, a pyjamas to sleep in, for the rest of my university days.

Let’s cut short the whole story. I lived with fear and low self-esteem during my university days as though they were my roommates. Well, I sailed through with a strong second-class upper and made a decision to build my own financial coverage even before I met Segun, my man.

In this world of ours where ‘making it’ is ‘having money’, I had to be industrious. There was nothing I didn’t sell with my legal certificate. At a time, I began hawking sachet water on the roads of Ojuelegba traffic jam. I would hawk it towards the popular Bode Thomas road and back again. It went like that for a while. I later went into laundry. I would knock, from door to door asking if there were pieces of dirty clothes. Although there was money in it, it took a while to get trusted by these people, because one’s clothes could be used against one ‘in this wicked part of the world’.

In most cases, I had to present my ‘A’ level certificate to prove my innocence. Yes, I remember I saw Lola one of the days I was hawking and immediately, her words struck my heart. I had to hide my head. I knew what Lola was capable of.

Mom and Dad weren’t born with silver spoons hanging in their mouths. Things were hard. But I knew I just had to ‘make it’ in a legit way. I ‘hustled’ so much that people asked if I was planning to be the head of my family;I only wanted financial freedom and to be on the safe side, since I didn’t know what kind of man I was going to fall in love with or was going to propose eventually. Funny, right? Permit me to rather not say other things I did to make money. You would not want to know. They were so weird.

Finally, I ‘made it’. I slammed the cool cash. You want to know how? It’s a legit way, but I’ll rather say, I worked very hard and smartly. Truth is, hard work pays. Let’s leave the story behind it for now. I made in three months of working with a firm, ten times the money Mom and Dad ever had. My mom, Mama Niniola, advised that I save my money and wisely. I didn’t throw all my trust to all these banks. I was even more concentrated at saving via Cowreywise—an online saving lifesaver. It saved my money without the usual unnecessary debit alert and it was legit and absolutely trust worthy.

After about a year of ‘making this money’, Dad suggested I invest in real estate and other stuffs. Like, to own an orphanage home. This will help in contributing to the affairs of my state, I thought it wise a decision when he said, “You should think of what you can do for your country not what your country can do for you,” in the words of a former president of the United States of America.

So, I went into real estate and later built houses for orphanage homes and supported them with educational facilities and all they needed to live well. My name soon began to swell in the lips of the people as what rang a bell, in their heart whenever my name was mentioned was, ‘The humanity ambassador’.

Lola’s family wanted a place to stay, but life brought them to rent one of my houses. The day we met, after a conversation that took eternity, I had to willingly give her one of my houses at no cost. Not to prove my degree of riches to her, but to tell her one could be anything one wishes to be, regardless of the embargo on the other side of the hustle.

Later, things went ill with me. I was defrauded. I lose 80% of my investments in real estate. I guess those agents took advantage of the fact that I was a young lady. They probably felt I had no coverage since I didn’t come with a man. I dragged the case to court and because I read Law, I was able to literally bring them down, six feet down the ‘red earth’.

It is good that one has a proper knowledge of something before dabbling into it. Especially matters related with money. On the other hand, the orphanage home I thought would not yield much, flourished than the real estate business. I soon got sponsors from influential men outside the country. I built more homes and helped more children.

The most interesting part is this: last month, Segun and I were at the American Embassy when a tall brown-skinned young man, ran towards me in excitement. He had a pretty good physique and his gap-toothed sparkling set of teeth got me too. I tried to recall where we have possibly met, but the more I thought, the more confused I became. My husband, Segun, was just there, completely dazed. He concisely narrated his success story and ended up by saying he was one of the orphans I had brought up. I smiled with great joy, seeing one of them doing well and fine. It made my day.

Few weeks later, he visited us. He said that he was a pilot and that he had made a lot of money, but wished that his parents were there to enjoy him when he mentioned that he was going to show us the love his parents didn’t live to enjoy. The list of the goodness he showed us is long.

Investing wisely is one of the great things that makes one’s wealth last really long, if not the greatest. I have children, scattered all over the world. I may never get to see all of them, but with the few that have crossed my path again, poverty can never know my tenth generation, though I wasn’t doing it all because of money. I loved humanity and I’ll make sure my seeds live to love humanity.

Flourish Joshua

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