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My Little City: Damnatio: My Cross

I did my work as usual, without much fuss. I was no longer sleeping on Residual rugs, but my shoulders got heavier, with time. I was no cavities, but I kept waiting for the midnight chime.

I knew that it was bound to happen, what else could it mean?

She wasn’t that benevolent and we were never born in the same team.

For weeks, this was all thought, I felt afraid. I saw everything in a whole different shade.

I couldn’t tell this to them, Felix most of all it would break something, all that was short or even long.

It was a terrible weight, but I endured, this was nothing, compared to the horrors I formerly thought were just lore.

Then one dark quiet night, I received a call, I was to meet her somewhere, at a certain time. I knew it wouldn’t be a crowded hall.

What would happen I knew not, I only prayed and kept dear my only allies, my thoughts.

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