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I Am Pure Not Stupid

Do not think me a fool with my flattery.
A little sweet words there,
A little stutter with a bashful countenance;
This guarantees not myself of weak mind.
I am naive and innocent,
Not blind and retarded.

I compliment your looks and style,
I am honest and nothing more.
I tell you “You’re beautiful,”
I see the good in you.
Do not think I don’t see the scars of malice,
I choose to ignore them, for you are human.

A fool they think of me,
An easy prey for lunch.
Why hateful fairy do you lurk and wait?
You lay ambush and hope I stumble upon them.
Dawn, you dress like princess charming,
Hoping I leave my glass slippers to be traced.

I am a fool to think you good.
I see your dark cloak; you wear a white robe.
I believe you are good when I see you feast on human flesh.
You are toxic and chaotic,
Yet I stand in your presence not faint.
I am innocent and this is my flaw.

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