God’s Plan

We’re not growing anymore
The country is in ruins
Things fall apart
We cannot give up like that
Pray for the country

I’m not the only one seeing it
I’m not the only one feeling it
I’m not the only one saying it
I’m not the only one hearing it

Who will save the country?
Ever since I was born, I’ve been hearing, growing and seeing my country looking bad.

Can our government protect the masses? There is a high rate of poverty in a great Nation like Nigeria.

Nigerians hunger is coming wake up!
You too will experience it, if you didn’t say it
You too will experience it, if you continue ignoring the truth.
You too will experience it, if you continuing cursing the country.

Can anything good come out from this great nation?
A country blessed with best mineral resources
A country with best weather in the world
A country with high standards, intelligent, talented and beauty of the nature…

Mention but one country that will survive if our government treats them as we witness here
Nigerians are strong;
They’re survivors
They’re hustlers
They’re struggles

Nigeria cannot protect Nigerians,
Lockdown will slow the Country down,
Economic recession is knocking
Economic meltdown is at the corner

I love Nigeria, it is my country
Pray for Nigeria.
Pray for our dear country
We’re the best

Redeeming the country cannot be, if it does not start from me…
Let the voice of the youths speak

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