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Eyes Closed in Death

I breathe in my last breath as I felt the pains in my aching chest,
Vultures surrounding me, waiting to eat my dear corpse.
Tears smudged my rosy cheeks as I coughed out blood,
Winds howling, whispering death into my ears,
My numb feet refused to help me walk to my loved ones

I feared nobody would find my body,
Flies and vultures would dine on my damaged self,
And I would watch from afar with my soul consoling me,
I feared nobody will visit my tomb and put my favourite flower down,
I guess it’s okay to me as I don’t want crocodile tears

So I have my eyes closed waiting for death to wrap me in his dark enormous wings,
Singing me to sleep with his horrendous voice,
And I’ll wake up to see myself in a white garment about to rejoice,
But here I see my own corpse looking at me with decaying eyes

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