Who Is This Man To You?

Some say He’s the Lily of the Valley.
But I know He’s the lyrics (word) that gives me melody.

Some say He’s the Rose of Sharon.
For me, He’s the fire that makes me burn.

Many call Him Alpha and Omega.
But I choose to call Him Master and my Controller.

He’s my Love.
For He sees beyond my flaws.

He’s my Source.
And therein lies my future.

He’s my Rock.
Even in difficult times, His Word is strong enough to rely on.

I say He’s my Lord.
For I believe him and offer Him my trust.

I call Him Saviour.
Because, the sins of the world He Bore.

He’s my God.
For He’s been my Anchor.

Yes, He’s my All.
For without Him, I have nothing to boast of.

I call Him Jesus.
For He makes other names run.

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