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Mother and Child

Child: Mum, I did something wrong today.
Mother: What did you do, son?
Child: I can’t tell you, you’d punish me.
Mother: I won’t, son. Just tell me.
Child: I went through the vent again. I crept around for a while, then I got lost; but after much pacing around, I found myself in the vent of Sister Mimi’s room. I peeped and saw her writing in her diary. I couldn’t exactly make out the writings, but it helped as she said what she wrote.

Dear diary,

Today was boring. There was really no one to chat with on social media. It reminded me that I have no actual friends, just online peeps, and as much as I’d like to make friends it’s not easy, and it’s my fault. When I find a girl who I want to be friends with and I start a conversation with her, I spend most of my time thinking: ”This girl is pretty, smart and nice, please don’t fluff this time. Make her like you. And I just end up trashing my chance.
When it’s a guy, everything goes well and I feel ecstatic. He likes me and I would like him also. Until he starts asking for something I can’t give him, then he gradually drifts and ghosts and I’m lost and alone once again. It’s sad cus I’m sad.

Goodnight diary.

Mum: Wow, she really wrote that?
Child: Yes, mum. Is she in trouble?
Mum: No, but you are for reading your elder sister’s diary.
Child: But mom you said I won’t get in trouble.
Mum: You aren’t in trouble for going into the vent, but you’re in trouble for snooping.
Child: But mom—
Mum: I don’t want to hear it. To you room now.
Child: Yes, mum.
Mum: Good night, son. Love you.
Child: Good night, mummy.

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