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Forgone Love

Her warmth and innocence I did cherish
It made the darkness in me perish
For in love I fell
As though under a spell

But I told her not
For her safety mattered a lot
I had drank of the monster’s jar
Now I live under the night star

From quarter a mile
I adored her jolly smile
And when her troubles came
My heart burned with passion’s flame

And I watched over her wound’s scar
As she drank to stupor in the bar
I set her on her home’s door
She lay on the couch and slept with a snore

She knew not who brought her home
Nor the events of that gloam
Yet in the midnight she awoke
And your name was all she spoke

If it be you her heart beats for
Then glad I shall be like never before
Her comfort is all I require
So is the love of a vampire.

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