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The Strangers

Ericka made up her mind to go out with her friends; if it was going to be the first and last party she would attend, then so be it.

Her mind wandered to the drinks, dances, music and the ungodly acts that were going to happen in the Armageddon party, as they called it.

“Ericka let’s go,” one of them shouted, making her lose camaraderie with her mind. She bit her lower pink lip as fear gripped her little body.

She tugged her pink purse, then as she battled to wear her high heels shoes, her heart beat faster than she could imagine. Ericka looked at the mirror and saw her reflection, it was an innocent girl that had been forced to attend a party she didn’t wish to.

Her eyes moved continuously, and she felt a hand on her waist. It was Jessica.

“You would enjoy your moment there Ericka, you might even see a rich guy to spend money on you,” she whispered seductively into her ear as she removed her front hair from her face.

She turned her head naughtily at Jessica and gave her a quick smile. “Okay let’s do this.”

The music blared loudly as horny teenagers rock their bodies and made out without feeling ashamed. Ericka pressed her lips together as she tried to keep up with her friends who were already carried away with the music.

Her hands were snatched by a drunk guy with his hair tinted purple. He had a ring on his big lips, his eyes were bigger than their sockets, and with every movement he made it was like they were about to pop out from their abode. He wore a sleeveless shirt with a big chain decorating his thick neck; his appearance was violent.

“Hey d… do you care to d… dance?” He looked into her horrified eyes as she tried to let her hands free and flee from the terrible place.

“No thank you,” her voice was swallowed by the shouts and moans coming around her.

The guy held her waist and hiccuped. “Tell me, let’s go away from here and have fun.”

She pushed him on the chest which made him stagger and fall, making the other teens at his back lose balance and fall with him. She whispered an apology although it didn’t make sense to them as they looked at her with hatred.

I got to look for Jessica and others, she said to herself as she shoved herself to the place where she saw them with three guys making out. She could see Jessica’s pink hair bouncing back and forth, she wanted to puke right there and closed her eyes.

She walked up to them and coughed, catching their attention.

“Ericka! Sit down babe. Where were you?” Bisola asked as she grabbed her hands and forced her to sit down on the soft cushion.

Tears welled in her doll eyes. “I want to go home, please.”

“Stop being a little girl, have fun,” Chidimma sipped from her red plastic cup.

“Yeah, babe, we haven’t started yet, so loosen up,” Bisola cut in with smoke coming out from her mouth

Jessica smirked. “She’s just a little girl, babe.”

They made fun of her and laughed, her hands shook as her tears dropped. She remembered what her mum always told her but she was just too greedy; now she was stuck with nobody to save her.

I’m sorry, momma, she thought and closed her eyes.

When it seemed like hours later, Jessica tapped her and blinked her eyes at her.

“Come on, let’s go now.” She sighed softly, picked her purse and threw a glance at those guys she didn’t trust. “Oh them? They’re taking us home so, get your ass up and let’s go.”

If she had known she would have turned them down and waited till dawn to get a cab back to campus, but she didn’t want to be left alone, so she followed them like a goat being led to a slaughterhouse.

“This is not the way home,” she whispered to Bisola who was half-awake.

“Ericka you’re nervous, just keep quiet,” Bisola said sternly to her.

She turned away, then placed her face on the window screen, her eyes caught one of the guys smiling devilishly at her.

“Please I would like to drop here,” she voiced out.

The guy turned his head at her and pointed a gun at them. “You girls should fucking shut up!”

They were gripped with fear; Jessica laughed and directed a question at the guy driving. “This was not what we talked about, Kevin.” She tried not to sound afraid but one could see her legs were trembling.

“Shut up!” he thundered, his voice shut them up as they all wondered what was going on with the three strangers.

They drove inside the forest and stopped at a huge tree; they were forced to get out, and by then Ericka was sobbing and already screaming.

David slapped her and grabbed her by the neck, hitting her stomach several times, making her to vomit blood.

They were forced to kneel down with their hands bonded with thick ropes. The guy who had pointed a gun at them brought out a cutlass and knives. Ericka shouted as she saw them wiping the object with a white cloth.

“Bring the one with pink hair,” Kevin instructed his two other friends. They picked her up and dropped her at his front. She had her bumshot wet already.

Kevin took the knife and plugged it inside her stomach, she was trying to get herself free, but the other guy was slicing her throat as Kevin and David stabbed her repeatedly. Blood spurted out of her body and onto the ground, her eyes turned white as pain coursed all through her body.

When she was already dead, they had her organs out of her body; then Kevin took the cutlass , raised it and detached her head from her body. Her head was picked with her hair stained with blood, and put inside the polybag.

Ericka whispered prayers, praying for forgiveness and hoped for Good to forgive her sins. If she was going to die she wouldn’t spend her eternity in hell.

The strangers’ shirts were already stained with blood. It was Bisola’s turn. She struggled with them, screaming and was about to escape, but David stabbed her shoulders. She dropped on the ground looking at Ericka with pleading eyes, as if asking for her forgiveness for forcing her to go with them.

“Let’s get to work boys.” They shaved off the hairs on her body and used a knife to stab her with Kevin slitting her throat. She coughed out blood not knowing how to defend herself from the horrible pain that had overshadowed her body.

At last, she gave up to the ghost with her eyes still open. The same thing that happened to Jessica was done to her. Now it was Ericka’s turn.

“Please don’t kill me, I’m the only child of my parents.” If she had known she would keep quiet, the three strangers were bloodthirsty for money, and if they didn’t provide three heads and other body parts they’d run mad in seven days, they had to kill her.

She was laid down on the ground with her face pressing against the soft, sloppy grasses. Before she knew it, a knife was plunged into her back. She screamed, trying to roll herself from the place she was. It was followed by two knives stabbing her at different places, she was helpless with no single soul to help her, not even God.

David’s face was coated with her blood, he tasted her blood and continued to stab her, making her back already open with her spinal cord and her organs open for the strangers to feast on. She was still alive, breathing heavily as she felt her own blood creating walls around her.

“What should we do next?” Raphael said for the first time.

“You will be the one to behead her,” Kevin smiled. Ericka tried to shift her body but she couldn’t. She wanted to tell them they should be done with her before beheading her but her voice was lost already.

Raphael closed his eyes and brought the cutlass down on the neck that had been displayed, blood splattered on his face and shirt.

Faeces could be seen around her anus and her eyes were fixed, perhaps trying to look at her headless body.

“Put the head inside the bag,” Kevin commanded

Her body was cut into pieces and put beside her other headless friends.

They packed their instruments and drove off from the scene, smiling at each other, anticipating the money that was waiting for them.

The next morning people found out the three corpses, two were headless while Ericka’s legs, hands, breasts and head were missing. She suffered the most.

The newspaper carried the news, and on the headline was: “Three strangers got away with murder, headless bodies found inside the forest.”

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