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See, I Did Something Wrong! (II)

See, I did something wrong!

I struck her,
That part is true,
Once, twice, thrice…
Exhilarating at first,
I enjoyed it greatly.
Honestly out of control,
Couldn’t see the truth,
As my fist struck her eye,
As I punched her nose,
As I blew her jaw out.
Till she fell to the ground,
Tears in her only open eye,
Terror filled as it stared back,
She was weeping, pleading…
I saw what I had done,
I am a monster,
I am scared,
I was sorry,
I apologized.
However I knew,
The blood on the floor spoke,
That this was the real me,
That the bruises don’t lie
And nothing could clear my heart,
Nothing could cleanse my sin,
For she is my everything.
See, I did something wrong !

I forgot to mention it was in front of our daughter.

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