For they drew him out of their midst
The adoration of the Maggi
With sweat and blood they made him sacrifice
One man dies for all
Divine bloodshed for mortals

Like a lily among thorns
So is Rabboni among the sons of man
Shekinah glory came to earth
Standing through the fires of hatred
Fanned by the son of perdition
Who only seeks to destroy

Paint me the color of love on my palms
Share me some of the agony of the eleventh hour
Walk me through the plains of self discovery
And the valleys of human folly
That I might understand Rabboni’s act on the cross

the son of God incarnate
Came down to live as man
Shared in our distress
Wept as he felt our pains
Felt anger for the father’s sake
Disgust at the hypocrisy of self-acclaimed teachers

Humility even in the face of death
Too shaken to be moved
On a young colt he announced his coming
Hosanna in the highest, blessed be the name of the lord
Tortured for our sakes, beaten and bruised
Wounded but not perished

Emmanuel, God with us.
On the third day he claimed victory forever
By which we’ve been claimed by his blood
Blood of the eleventh hour
Purified by fire, stronger in death
He who died so we may live
Tears shed on a face carved from love
Heart beating for the sake of creation
that day at Golgotha
Blood of the eleventh hour.

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