It Is Finished

There I was standing shamefully in a court room
Surrounded by demons by the right and by left hand sides.
Satan as the prosecutor holding millions of records about life
Sitting on a throne with mighty gavel in his hands,
I had no lawyer placed on trials
For things such as lying, stealing, and fornication,
For this was the beginning of tribulation,
For there was no reason to plead
An innocent statement, for all the evidence was sitting right there with Satan.
The demons smiled as tears rolled down the judge’s eyes,
For they clearly knew that now, was the hour of demise.
There came in a light shining so bright that the demons trembled and
Suddenly jumped with fright and the man that walked in that night
Was none other than Jesus Christ.
Darkness departed to give way, and glory was all the angels could say,
As the man that walked in the night pulled out light
And immediately set Satan’s records against me on fire.
He took the sentence file and erased my name and winked at me
And said, “Son I’ll take the blame.” Handcuffs were placed on this man
And he was thrown into the ground.
The entire courtroom gasped at this horrendous sound
And the sudden ease to beat of his heart.
The man that walked in glowing and now become dark, I did this to him.
He took my sin, and spent three days that I was to go to for eternity.
I left the courtroom that day and there was nothing I could say.
I was found innocent for Christ handled the debt I was to pay.
This type of love is more than rubies and marital love, this man died for me.
I owe him my life, though my life is not worth anything
How it could trade for perfect as he die on the cross
Saying, it is finished?

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