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Dark Wish

I always wanted a dog. There’s always a difference between wants and needs, my mother always replied. My 10-year-old self never understood what she meant. I only knew I had a conviction that I had to have a dog. She said that was wanting and not needing. Sadly in the numerous years I have been requesting, pleading and cajoling, she never gave in for once.

That was why it came as a complete shock the Saturday she drove us to the pet shop and asked that I pick a dog, saying that was a need and not a want. She subtly kept on pushing my subconscious mind to pick a very strong pup. Why would I care what kind anyway? I must have been in an alternate planet where wishes come true. Overjoyed I didn’t question her out-of-the-blue act.

Billy (I know, very original) and I were inseparable except when I had to go to school. Then the summer break started; oh what joy, more time to bond with Billy. But then Billy began rejecting the high quality dog foods we usually gave him. More strange was the fact that he was becoming plumper and stronger. If he didn’t eat how could that be? I wish that was all I had to worry about. Sadly not so.

He was fiercer and more hostile, even to me, but downright murderous to dad. He seemed to favor mum over me, which was unacceptable because he was mine and not hers after all.

I tried all the tricks I knew but it was futile. And then one Saturday I went on a play date with my best friend. Hours later, his mum drove me home to be welcomed by the sight of an ambulance in the driveway. I should have seen the signs: Billy coming home with a bloodied mouth, Billy coming home with a bat between his strong jaws, and lastly mum taking Billy for long walks and trainings in the park with a lot of bats.

Mother had trained Billy to lust after blood and to hate dad. Now dad was dead, Billy would be put down and I’m left with mum.

A word won’t be said by me, she gave me the warning look. I wouldn’t mind not saying a word. After all we were all relieved to see him gone.

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