All that glitters is not gold but all gold glitters,
The blissful bloom, a treasure house that prosperity built,
Like lilies of a valley set on Beverly Hills,
The living reality of dying dreams.

And not having money is the root of all evil,
The cankerworm that makes human beings weevil.
Money the honeybun, like the sweetness that waters the hive,
The foundation that makes up a beautiful life.

Reach for these stars and be rich as the Galaxy,
Quench your thirst; feed your fantasy,
Poverty is a choice and plenty is a decision,
It’s left to him to go into his intuition and come to a conclusion.

What is life without a meaning?
It’s like a dead-end that refused to live in the beginning,
Everybody breathes but not everybody lives,
Life is what it is but you have to live beyond the beliefs.

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