An Untold Story

The wind silently whistles in my ears and beacons on me to come out.

The breeze tickles me with its feathers of coldness and laughter

The sun slowly shines her golden face upon my sad face and it lights up just like a candle light.

I was once in darkness. Darkness descends and my time has come, a day an instant to forever loathe.
For a troubled mind, this is it

Sexually, inward in to ashes, all my lust difficulty lies

Calmly sleeping on bedsheets of love, thinking I have all reasons to be happy, while I’m just drowning in clutches of lies and deceit

Always claiming to be Miss Queen Bee, always glowing like gold but never knew my glow was deceiving me, so I later found out it was my flow not glow…

I once tried to impress all the people in my kingdom but I failed miserably.

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