When Love Speaks

You loved deeply but in the end, you were betrayed and your heart was broken into pieces.

I, Love, didn’t betray you
I, Love, didn’t break your heart into pieces
But someone who doesn’t know about me betrayed you
Someone who doesn’t know my depth broke your heart

So you can put each piece together and be whole again.

Do not let your loneliness get the best of you
Do not grieve in pain for too long
Neither should you wallow in self-pity
I want you to be happy in me!

He couldn’t love you because he felt you might take advantage of him
But geez! Why have so much fear when it comes me?
You put him first but in his heart you were the last
You tried to see the good in her but there was none! Oops! That’s bad!

Do not turn your heart into stone
I want you to feel me
Do not lock your heart on me because I can make you feel satisfied with the right person.

Even though I make humans feel weak, but they still feel on top of the world when loved the right way.

I can easily come into your life at first sight
I can make you feel me deeply if you let go of your pains and open up to me.

You are not perfect, so if she doesn’t like you that way then she should get lost.

You are flawed, if he can’t love you that way then he should run off and love himself!

I, Love, want you to be with someone who wouldn’t leave you when things are bad.

I, Love, don’t want you to shed your precious tears over someone who is not worthy to have you.

I, Love, don’t want you to be with someone who doesn’t know how powerful and important I am to Mankind.

I am not superficial!
Don’t portray me as feigned, for I am true.
And true Love exists!

Love doesn’t die!
And so true Love doesn’t die!

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