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Quarantine Has No Warranty

It’s no longer a news that,
Anyone who Covid-19 convicts
Shall be sentenced to Quarantine.

Quarantine isn’t Valentine:
In one, you mustn’t share gifts
Not to talk of giving hugs;
In the other, you give as you receive
And hug if you have the urge to do so.

“Populate Quarantine
To save the whole populace.
Ignore your purple lace for the
Mean time and listen to the voices
Laced with instructions.”
That was how Granny was carted away
From her house in a dark, airless vehicle
That totally resembled Black Maria.

The Granny I see is pale,
She got back after her stay in Quarantine
Became stale.
Her look bears the witness
That she may soon need
The services of the pallbearers.

Even if I had played truancy in school,
I don’t have to be taught before
I know that,
Quarantine doesn’t guarantee warranty.
Stay safe first.

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