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Lock Up

Your love arrested my senses
And locked me in the dungeon of your beautiful empire.
I am yearning like a madman whose love is
Tortured with a cable,
Dehydrated my body
Like a swain whose language of love is untranslated.
I am bewildered by your love,
Seeking your favor to glue back my shatter heart
In peace and harmony
Which can lead me
To assail my enemy,
Assiduously to eradicate
Their injustice and tyranny and stability our
Dedicated memory.
Your love fills my heart with joy,
Moaning to feed my soul like a malnourished boy,
It controls my days without superstition,
Where no man can curse
In words or trepidation.
I pray for the strength to get me through another day with you.
Forever we remain oblivion,
Till when we cross this path and leave a beautiful cheerios!

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