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Letter To Monalisa

Dear Monalisa,

How are you? I hope you are fine. I know you may be surprised to receive my letter. It’s been three months since we parted ways, and I want you to know that today would have marked a year of our relationship, if we were still together.

Lisa, I’d have called you but I felt writing to you would be a better option. I won’t want to tergiversate but be honest and clear to you.

I returned from Ireland a month ago, and my time there was miserable. I went to visit my dad. I do not think I’ve felt that awkward all my life. I knew there was something missing in me.

At night the first day I got there, I reclined in bed, looking up. My mind traveled back to my memories with you. Do you still remember how we bumped into each other at Duncan’s birthday party, and how we burst into laughter? Do you still remember how it led to friendship and how we started to date? Have you forgotten how we sat at the sea shore to speak about our love life, as you rested your head on my thighs, while I fondled with the strands of your hair? Forgotten how we made promises to stand by each other no matter what happened? My lips curled up into a smile when I remembered the beautiful moments, but I knew it was a wistful smile.

I rolled out of bed to fall on my knees. My heart couldn’t contain the moments. My eyes gathered tears, as my blurry vision sighted my diary opened but faced down on the floor. I knew I’d unknowingly moved it away from the bed. I sat on the floor and turned it over. I blinked my eyes to have a clear vision then read almost inaudibly.

‘February 23. I won Monalisa’s heart. I am the happiest man on earth to have a girl like her. Beautiful inside and out; a loving soul; a babe like no other. I promise to love you forever.’

Hot tears welled up in my eyes. Then, I knew my love for you had gone under my skin.

Lisa, I am very sorry for my actions the last time we met. I shouted at you in public, pushed you away and said it was over between us. You didn’t do anything wrong, you only gave your opinion. I suggested we get the red gown for the dinner night, but you preferred the white colour. That should not have been a reason to break-up. I know that I hurt your feelings, and I admit I made a mistake. I confess that I am still in love with you. I still love you and I value you. Please, forgive me.

Ever since you left me, I feel empty; something has been missing. You are the best thing that happened to me. I plead that you come back to me. My heart bleeds, and only you can heal it. I am drowning, and only you can rescue me. I am dying, and only you can keep me alive. I cannot imagine what life I’d live without you. I need you back and want you to stay.

You are like a lit candle in my life. With you, my path is clear; without you, I stumble on thorns and live with hurt. I’ve never wanted our relationship to die and become history. I am ready to do anything to have you back in my arms and continue our love life. You are the one I want; there is no another you. No one else can make me feel better than you do.

In the first week of our break-up, you tried to strengthen the bond of our love again, but I cut you off—I gave you no audience. Drake, your brother, texted me that you were ill, but I refused to reply. I didn’t know what went over me. You are humble and a peacemaker; you didn’t deserve how I hurt you. I am back, ready to heal the wounds of the past. We are in this together.

I should still be in Ireland, but my incompleteness, heavy heartedness and emptiness made me return early. Dad tried to convince me to stay for another month, and I had to tell him what happened between us. He was sad that he agreed that I returned to make amends.

I am here for you, back for you, and I promise to care for you forever. I reassure you of my unconditional love and support. We shouldn’t be far away from each other, and I can’t wait to meet you, hold your hands and hug you like never before.

I have said that you are irreplaceable, and yes, you are. No one else can fill the special place in my heart; it is only you. With you, I stay healthy; with you, I have an indescribable calmness. You are my queen; the queen of my heart. I want to share my life with no one else but you, you who offers me your shoulder to cry on, when I am low.

On the letter is a drop of water which I let dry before folding into the envelope. You’d notice it mixed up with the ink, and it made the part look beautiful. It’s a tear that dropped from my eye. I hope you haven’t forgotten the pen you gifted me on my birthday. It is it I used to write you this letter, to make you know how precious you are to me. I picked the pen from the drawer I kept it in, and I had memories of how your face lightened, when I told you that I’d use the pen to write ‘Monalisa, I will always love you’ on the wall of my heart. You know your best song has always been Whitney Houston’s Will Always Love You.

I hope you know that we used the pen to write what we wanted for our future. Now, I still want us to write, to write about how we erased our past and started a better love life. Don’t forget you used the pen to write down the number of children we’d want.

Monalisa love, the mother of my unborn children. I pray you accept me back the way I am. It is you I love, and I will do anything to have you back in my arms. Please, write or call me. Tell me you still love me and make me whole again. I love you, and can’t wait to hear you sing with your honey-like voice, that which sweetens my soul.

Yours forever,

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