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Accusers of Love

He was supposed to be mine,
Mine to savour.
He was supposed to treat me right,
Like a queen.

I was supposed to be the lady in distress
And him, my king in shining amour.
I was supposed to be his lilies
in the garden of Eden .

But why is my heart all alone?
I have searched my emotions
as to what was the cause.

He was my obsession.
He was crafted just for me.

Yet, why do I feel so drained on my bed of desires?
Why do I feel like I am waking up
from a fair of dreams?
He was almost mine, yes,
I had him so close.

And so she was to me;
A burning desire, my ricochet in this accusing world.

Time they say flies;
I guess our proposed love flew with the wind of stalkers
pointing at our innocence,
Perhaps it flew with her dependence.

No me, no you, no us
Just the words of accusers of our love.

So will you allow these accusers
to continue ripping out the roots of this love we have struggled to plant?

Will you just let them have the final say over us?
Will you watch our love go down the drains without a fight?

A poem by Elijah S. Lawrence and Naa Dromor

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