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The Burglar

She closed the gate
She wouldn’t let me enter

So I had to force my entry
Broke through her gatekeeper

Like a klepto that I am
I burgled her house

With my rod
I parted ways in her red sea

Oh! How red her sea was
How colourful the bushes around it were

Each time I stepped in and out of her cave
She let out a horror-filled erotic shout

This suited my soul
And deeper I went until my thirst was alleviated

Oh what a beauty she is
With her back yarding me sensational space

So I had to force my entry since she won’t let me in
I broke her hymen, for I am a high man

You’re asking me who she is?
Oh! I forgot to tell you.

She is my daughter
A replica of me, her father

No! Don’t call me a monster
I prefer the word, devil

For it makes my prey shiver.

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