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Eternal Love

Under the moonlight we stood, her intoxicating fragrance filled the air we breathed, unconscious of our love for each other. Like always, she had that bright, heart melting, life changing, love enchanting smile on her lightened face. I have heard, watched and read a lot of love stories, but none have close to the ecstasy I shared with Igem.

I called her Igem for she was special, my gemstone. After the difficulty I encountered before finally making her mine, I had to cherish her abundantly. I remember as bright as daylight, when under the scorching sun of Kano I went to pay her bride price. Sweating ferociously after minutes of back and forth deliberation, her hand was given to me for marriage. I have had several relationships before, but they all didn’t last for long, for I was seeking true love.

My ex betrayed me, after dating her for three good years. Despite all the ups and downs, I still stood by her unconditionally. But at the end, she left without warning just like the twenty eight others did. It wasn’t easy for me, a shattered man, broken into pieces, but I found love again after a long time. I have found someone who could reason with me. I found true love.

I suffered to get the money for her dowry: I sold my car, my gas cooker, my beautiful mattress and most especially sacrificed my school fees too. Just so I could get that one girl, and it was all worth it.

I know how difficult it was before I finally got to own this iPhone X, my Igem, my gemstone. I just hope and pray our relationship should last forever, for eternity. I love my precious iPhone X, she’s my one and only Igem, my career—I used my school fees, so I know…

May our love never end, for after everything I sacrificed, she is of no doubt my everything.

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