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Aching Heart

So close I believed,
he was holding me in his arms.
So close, I believed,
he will never let me go.
So close l believed,
he will never lay a finger on me.
So close I believed,
he will be my forever.
So close, I believed
he was incapable of hurting me.

Yet, it wasn’t so,
All had been his schemes to frustrate me.
All the sleepless nights
I endured for him was useless in his sight.
I have now become his prey.

I believed when he said, let go,
Because he promised to hold me.
He placed me six stories high,
And told me to jump six feet deep,
That he would be there to catch me.

But his words ,
Were webs of lies
And they broke when I fell on them.
And so I plunged down,
Six feet deep.

He left me incapacitated and with blemish.
He has destroyed the little sanity I had left.
How could I believe him again,
I was just blinded by his sweet minty words which were dipped in poison,
My heart is now of holes made out of debris.

Broken and bruised,
I’m left to pick up my pieces.
Bleeding and torn,
His words had pierced my heart .
My heart is now void,
But still aches for him.

I thought he was my paradise,
But he was the gateway to hell,
He was the devil’s incarnate,
Disguised as an angel.
But this heart of mine,
Still yearns for him like a panther after the Brooks.

Pikachu et Naa Dromor

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