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World Apart

I want to feel the breeze on my face
Like nectars are the first of your breath on my breast
I want to hold on to you so fierce
Never letting go till we’re busted
Although the word I seek is freedom but I doubt if it ever existed
Since all we do is love from two separate worlds
There’s a barrier we can’t break
In spite of those that have to sacrifice for us
With bodies littered on both ends
Especially from your world, bodies that have never known clothes
Yet I know that these walls are thick as thin
And not even the magic we find within us
Or our love can break through
The pain of watching each other from the mirror to the other world without hope
The fact that we could never break free to be together
The fact that each time we try, heads roll
Yet our hearts are entwined like a fuss
I know that this goodbye is not for forever

I found my perfection

Deliciously clothed and reflecting my pose inches yet millions of meters away

I know this feeling, together but forever apart

My balance picking wherever she left off

Ying and yang, left and right, light and dark, the ocean and the sky

Hands meeting just where the horizon lands

Voice trailing wherever my affection pans

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