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To My Crushes

Has vision pillaged my heart,
Or her gait has gated me in?
I really care about Arike;
Of her smiles that could seduce wayward concubines,
And her love has cupped me to stupor.

As for Ashake,
I would ransack her heart very soon.
She embodies elegance, beauty, the peacock of our era.
And when she winks her inviting eyes at my helpless plea in the dark,
Oh! I am enabled, overtly and covertly.

Oh! I could be a jungle judge casting off the dust of her foot.
Even though Abebi plays the gallery in a babyish suit,
She still possesses my being with her step.

Anike knows full well that I need care to bask in.
My heart yearns for her!
I know her heart is like a diode taking current flow in one direction,
The direction of me.

And Adunni, I do need her in my life.
Her home would be filled up from within,
And hunger would take its permanent exit from my bachelor yard,

And your grace, my Alarina,
Do not forget to tell it to Ashabi, that I shall be her comforter,
In cloudy days and the smiling ones,
On sunny days, and rainy ones
If only she chooses my crown among other caps
And picks my buba for her womanhood,
If she saunters in her gait leisurely,
Just as the new queen of the king of kings would.

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