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My Happiness, My World

The wind blew you to me
The stars led you to me
The water drained you just for me

The Lord brought you to me
To fill in this broken heart with love
To connect this heart to its soul mate
To cause my eye to see aright
You came when I least expected

Pen and letters exposed your thoughts
You brought smiles to my pitiful face
When my bed was soaked with tears
And made me glow again after decades
You filled my agony with joy

The songs of your love gave me life
For smiles were my strength
For with so much grit, I longed to hear your sweet voice
For your voice inspires my feeble hands

I dream of nothing but you
To spend time in your arms
I want to feel your soft skin
Caressing mine with immense pleasure

You’ve taught me how to love again
For all hope have been lost before
You redeemed my lost passion
And treated me with caution

Your sincerity drives me nuts
Now, you are my sanity
How can I forget what a friend you are?
Who stood by me when I was drained in hurt
Filled with pain and terror
You have turned my agony to joy
You are my happiness
You are my world

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